Powerful liquid drain unblocker rapid action. Drain unblocker developed specifically for sinks. Do not use in chemical toiltes.

Bottle 1000 ml
FLUX destroys and eliminates stubborn deposits of grease, starches and proteins, hairs and beard trimmings, panty liners, and all types of organic waste.

FLUX does not attack plastic, metals, joints, steel, PVC or lead.
  • Professional kitchens
  • Domestic dwellings
  • Agribusiness industry
  • Industrial sites
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Remove any excess water. Do not wait until the drain is completely blocked before taking action.
  • Pour FLUX directly into the drain using a plastic funnel. Unblocker carefully and without compressing the bottle.
    DO NOT POUR FLUX on chrome parts, aluminium and metal galvanised with zinc.
  • Leave to take effect for a maximum of 2-to-3 minutes.
  • Then pour in 2 dl of water and wait for the reaction.
  • Immediately thereafter, pour a large amount of flowing cold water down the drain.
  • DO NOT USE FLUX in combination with other chemical products.
    DO NOT MIX FLUX with any other product, even an unblocker.