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Our job is
to make your job easier.

We are Resolv, a Swiss company dedicated to the realization of products that resolve challenges and makes the job of professionals and do-it-yourself lovers easier!

Thanks to an in-depth study of the needs and the ongoing feedback from the users, we work hard to create new products and to constantly improve those that already exist.
Our values reflect authentic Swiss culture: quality, accuracy, professionalism, punctuality and respect for the environment. Being aware that we are not perfect, we work hard to give the best to our clients and to never disappoint them.

We promise exactly what we are capable of doing.

  • 2014The start

    Resolv is born in Lugano, Switzerland.
    Resolv comes up with a clear mission that reflects the culture and vision of its founders Mario Straccia e Steve Palazzese: to create innovative, simple, practical and qualitatively superior solutions to the competitors to facilitate the work of professionals and DIY lovers. All step for each new solution, from the idea to the realization of the product, must meet the mission.
  • 2015The first steps

    The first solution is presented: Seal Up Original. A bitumen based waterproofing sealant. An innovative product that the market immediately appreciated. After that, the White and Clear versions were created to meet specific customer needs.
  • 2016The research continues

    Another innovative product launches. This is Bauer® PolyCem. A ready-to-use polymer cement. With Bauer® PolyCem, it is no longer necessary to mix water, sand and cement to perform building repairs!
  • 2017Expansion

    The Resolv project expands and crosses the borders of Switzerland.
    A fiscal representation is opened in Italy to serve the Italian market and facilitate the development of the European market.
    The commercial branch of the United States is opened in Miami to confront a stimulating and highly competitive market.
  • 2018Branding

    Resolv’s offer is enriched with other solutions that expand the brand's visibility. Around the same time, the slogan that contains and effectively communicates the company mission materializes: Resolv® Work made easy® .
  • 2019LATAM

    The Central American market is opened with a representative office in Panama.

    Karim Presti for 33 years he worked in the banking financial sector and managed international projects. His extensive experience, his passion for do-it yourself and his linguistic knowledge qualify him as the ideal profile for the development of Resolv in foreign markets.

The Founders

Mario Straccia is a organizational psychologist. For nearly 30 years he was in charge of change management and management training on a quality centric culture, leadership, as well as development of core values within the company. Teaching is his passion. He is a QMS Certification lead auditor. At the center of his thoughts and business decisions are the Client and the Collaborators.

Steve Palazzese is a construction technician. For 15 years he has worked in construction specifically in the renovation of public and private works, specializing in materials technology. He has always had a passion for creativity and design; aspects that over time have become an integral part of his work. Today it combines the technological world with the creative one, seemingly opposite aspects but actually deeply connected.

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